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cats that root

Behavior – Adult hand reared cat still roots

I have a 2 year old cat that was bottle fed and he still roots. He doesn’t
do it all the time, but if I take him in my room just the two of us, he
will root to the point where he will push you out of the bed or put
bruises on you. Oddly, sitting in the middle of my bed was usually where I
fed him and that is the only place he roots. But, I don’t think he will
ever outgrow it. He definitely wasn’t weaned too early from the bottle as
he bottle fed until he was 10 weeks old (I got him when he was 3 weeks
old – the owners let the mama cat out and she got hit by a car). Yes, he
was eating food at 6 weeks, but he got a bedtime bottle until I ran out of
formula. Rotten. Spoiled rotten.

presa's and pitbulls

How to tell which dog is dominant?

My question is that I am trying to determine what dog is the Alpha dog out of my three dogs. I have a 2 year old Male Presa Canario (Mastiff), a 5 year old Male Pit Bull and a 10 year old female Pit-Bull mix that I am pretty sure is the Omega. But the two males that I have had since birth exhibit Alpha traits. My Presa is pushy, shoves the other dogs out of way and does not allow the other dogs any affection before him or maybe on somedays not at all. He is not food aggressive toward me or the female dog but will not let the male Pit-bull eat his food/and then takes ownership over the food. I must separate my male Presa or he will be very vicious towards my male Pit bull.

my dog hates her crate

My dog hates the crate

I have a 3 year old female shiba inu who has a problem with being in a
crate when we are not home and at night. It’s been a problem since we
got her when she was a few months old from a pet store. First she would
go potty in the kennel. It was a huge one so we got one of those metal
wire ones that have the divider to make it smaller or bigger as the dog
grows. Well she stopped going potty in it and decided to figure out how
to escape from it. She would push her nose between the wires and bend
them. She finally figured out how to just get the whole thing to
collapse on its self and get out. So we moved to a smaller plastic
kennel. Well she figured out a way to literally eat her way out of it!
We came home to her with a hole in it big enough to stick her head out!
Its been down hill from there. we have gone through about 4 or 5 kennels
over the last 3 years because she destroys them. We have tried to just
let be be loose in the house and she does ok for a few days but then she
starts peeing on the floor. We dont own our home and we have heated
floors. The constant peeing on the floor is going to ruin the floors and
we can’t afford to fix them. We have tried giving her treats in the
kennel, extra exercise, we are at a loss. I don’t know what else to try
or do. I’m so frustrated that I’m to the point of just finding a new
home for her. I don’t want to because she is family but I also don’t want
to be mad at her everyday. I hope you are able to help us come up with
some ideas to try so we can fix this issue. My dog hates the crate.

dog obsessed with penis

Dog Attacks his Penis

My dog is a two year old mixed shepherd and after finishing his obedience and protection training he started to behave very weirdly,he is attacking his penis!! It has been 10 months now and he is not getting better at all! In addition to being very aggressive, two vets in Lebanon diagnosed this case as a psychological case. One of them said that he should take a medicine called Prozac as well as letting him play and do everything to get rid of the stress inside him, also a dog trainer said that he needs to get married. I do not know what to do to heal my dog – please help me.

Cat dislikes new kitten

Behavior – Cat dislikes new kitten

Old cat hates new kitten – I got a kitten about 6 months ago and introduced her to the two cats that live in my house. One of them is 14 and the other is 3. The 14 year old at first had a problem but now she and the kitten, who is now 8 months, are fine. The 3 year old on the other hand, started off being fine with the kitten after the initial hissing and they would play together all the time but now she growls and hisses at the kitten. The 3 year old will eventually play with the kitten but they are very sporadic. The 3 year old cat will not like to even be in the same room as the kitten. She usually just comes inside, after being outside most of the day, and goes straight up to one of the bedrooms. I thought at first that it might be a bed territorial thing, so I started to have the kitten sleep with me in my room, and the problem got a tiny tiny bit better… but not by much. I feel very bad for the 3 year old cat because before the kitten was brought into the house, the 3 year old cat was a lap cat and was very social and now she is not. I have not seen any fighting between these two cats, just growling and hissing from the 3 year old toward the kitten. Please Help! I want the 3 year old to get along with the kitten and feel like she belongs in the house! Any advice???

cat poos outside litter tray

Cat won’t use litter box

Ever since my male cat was neutered a few months back he has been urinating and pooping in our sinks, sometimes in our bathtubs. Seldom in the litterbox which is cleaned frequently. He doesn’t meow like in any pain. The kitten is about 10 months old. I would prefer not to give him up. Any suggestions?

stop indoor cats fighting

Indoor cats fighting all of a sudden

Indoor cats fighting suddenly, stop indoor cats fighting, outside cats making my cats fight each other, pet animal cat dog fighting aggression advice, help – my cats won’t stop fighting

cat roots

Cat roots complusively on the bed

cat roots on the bed compulsively, cat kneads and drools and sucks on the blankets in bed, cat roots on the blankets in the bed, cat hurts me when he roots, why does my cat root, animal feline cat behavior problems advice

cat attacks owner and other cat

Cat attacks owner and other cat

Cat attacks owner and also attacks new cat often needing hospital treatment. Causes and reasons for feline aggression, how to deal with owning an aggressive cat, treatment of aggression in cats and behavioral advice for the home. How to stop cat attacking people humans.

collar that stops dog barking

Behavior – anti bark collars for dogs

whether using anti bark collars for dogs is cruel and the various types of collars you can get. How effective the anti bark collars are and how antibark collars for dogs work.

old jack russell messes in house

Old Jack Russell defecates and urinates in house

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kitten scared of the older cat

Kitten Hates Older Cat

kitten terrified of, hates, hisses at, is scared of, fears, fearful of older cat. What to do and how to get them used to each other. Pet behavior online, pet behavior consults online, pet behavior skype online, ask an animal behaviorist now, pet psyciatrist online, pet psychologist online now