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hip dysplasia in dogs

Hip Dysplasia in Dogs

Hip dysplasia is mainly a problem in medium to large breed dogs. The dog breeds most commonly affected are the German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever, St. Bernard and Golden Retriever. It is also becoming more prevalent in certain breeds such as the Rottweiler and the Border Collie. Certain kennel clubs and federations have taken great steps with breeding programmes to reduce the incidence of hip dysplasia in puppies that are registered and tested for the problem. The main problem lies in backyard breeders and people that have a litter at home with their dogs as they may not be aware of, or test for hip dysplasia.

Diseases of dog breeds

Diseases of Dog Breeds

Thinking of getting a puppy or kitten? We thought we would compile a list of the most common problems seen in everyday practice with specific breeds so you can do your research properly. If your breed isn’t here, don’t despair as this list will grow over time. Anyone wishing to add to the list please feel free to e mail us at

cat attacks owner and other cat

Cat attacks owner and other cat

Cat attacks owner and also attacks new cat often needing hospital treatment. Causes and reasons for feline aggression, how to deal with owning an aggressive cat, treatment of aggression in cats and behavioral advice for the home. How to stop cat attacking people humans.

The general appearance of bulldogs


All about Bulldogs, the origin of Bulldogs, History of Bulldogs, Appearance of Bulldogs, Health Issues of Bulldogs, online vet free, skype a vet online, immediate vet help now, chat to a vet online, e mail a vet online, animal behavior online, pet behavior questions, pet psychologist online

Choosing the Right Dog Breed – part 3

Basic guidelines for choosing the right dog breed for your family. What to look at before you get a dog, behavior terriers, behavior collies, online vet free, skype vet chat consult cheap, animal behavior online, vet tech online, animal behaviorist online.

Breed of the Month – The Great Dane

The Great Dane – the breed history, health problems of the Great Dane, cancer of the Great dane, stomach torsion (GDV) of the Great Dane, behavior and temperament of the Great Dane

Breed of the Month – The Exotic

The Exotic shorthair cat, all about it, it’s history, health problems, behavior, price and care of an exotic cat. online vet free, skype vet chat, ask a vet online, consult vet online

The Pug

Pug, the origin and history of pugs, training of pugs, appearance pug, online vet free, skype vet, pug behavior, pug health problems including eye and respiratory problems

best breed for amsall garden, the papillon

Behavior – Choosing the right dog breed part 2

Choosing the right breed of dog to suit your property size and lifestyle, which dog breeds are not recommended for townhouses cluster homes, apartments, condos and which dog breeds are recommended for condos, townhouses apartments, flats. The importance of spending time with your dog and training and socializing him.

The Dachshund

Breed of the month – The Dachshund. Its origins, behavior, diseases, spinal problems, weight problems, training, house training.

Breed of the Month – The Border Collie

The history of the border collie, border collie behavior, border collie training, online vet free, breed of the month, find a vet online, find a pet psychologist online, 24 hour vet online, immediate vet help, advice, assistance, care online, pet emergency online, cheap vet advice online