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Cat dislikes new kitten

Behavior – Cat dislikes new kitten

Old cat hates new kitten – I got a kitten about 6 months ago and introduced her to the two cats that live in my house. One of them is 14 and the other is 3. The 14 year old at first had a problem but now she and the kitten, who is now 8 months, are fine. The 3 year old on the other hand, started off being fine with the kitten after the initial hissing and they would play together all the time but now she growls and hisses at the kitten. The 3 year old will eventually play with the kitten but they are very sporadic. The 3 year old cat will not like to even be in the same room as the kitten. She usually just comes inside, after being outside most of the day, and goes straight up to one of the bedrooms. I thought at first that it might be a bed territorial thing, so I started to have the kitten sleep with me in my room, and the problem got a tiny tiny bit better… but not by much. I feel very bad for the 3 year old cat because before the kitten was brought into the house, the 3 year old cat was a lap cat and was very social and now she is not. I have not seen any fighting between these two cats, just growling and hissing from the 3 year old toward the kitten. Please Help! I want the 3 year old to get along with the kitten and feel like she belongs in the house! Any advice???

gingivitis in cats

Gingivitis in Cats

Causes of pain in feline mouths, examining a sore mouth in a cat properly, treating gingivitis in cats, medical and surgical treatment of gingivitis in cats, fcgs in cats, REMOVING teeth in cats, pain in cat mouth, drooling sore cat mouth

cat poos outside litter tray

Cat won’t use litter box

Ever since my male cat was neutered a few months back he has been urinating and pooping in our sinks, sometimes in our bathtubs. Seldom in the litterbox which is cleaned frequently. He doesn’t meow like in any pain. The kitten is about 10 months old. I would prefer not to give him up. Any suggestions?

stop indoor cats fighting

Indoor cats fighting all of a sudden

Indoor cats fighting suddenly, stop indoor cats fighting, outside cats making my cats fight each other, pet animal cat dog fighting aggression advice, help – my cats won’t stop fighting

lungworm in dogs

Lungworm in dogs

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cat roots

Cat roots complusively on the bed

cat roots on the bed compulsively, cat kneads and drools and sucks on the blankets in bed, cat roots on the blankets in the bed, cat hurts me when he roots, why does my cat root, animal feline cat behavior problems advice

bloody to puruent nasal discharge

Nasal discharge in dogs and cats – causes and diagnosis of nasal discharge

Pets with runny noses are a common problem. In many cases, the problem clears up with a simple course of antibiotic, but often, as the antibiotics wear off the nasal discharge simply recurs. This series of articles will discuss the most common causes of nasal discharge, how we diagnose what is wrong with your pet and the treatment options.

In this article we will list the most common causes of discharge in dogs and cats and then each fortnight, one of them will be discussed in depth. Differentiating which condition is affecting your pet relies on a series of simple steps to come to a diagnosis.

dematosparaxis in dogs

Ehlers Danlos syndrome in dogs (Dermatosparaxis,Cutaneous Asthenia)

Ehlers-danlos syndrome in dogs, also known as Dermatosparaxis or cutaneous asthenia is a conditions where the skin is extremely stretchy or elastic and also tears very easily. Over flexible joints as well as eye problems and bleeding under the skin can be seen. The skin can split up the middle of the dog’s body starting at the tail and moving upwards which can lead to dogs being put to sleep as it doesn’t heal well or at all.

cat attacks owner and other cat

Cat attacks owner and other cat

Cat attacks owner and also attacks new cat often needing hospital treatment. Causes and reasons for feline aggression, how to deal with owning an aggressive cat, treatment of aggression in cats and behavioral advice for the home. How to stop cat attacking people humans.

Biliary fever babesiosis dogs canine

Tick bite fever in dogs (Biliary, Babesiosis)

Tick bite fever, also called Biliary or Babesiosis is a disease caused by a parasite carried by ticks. This article discusses common symptoms of ticks bite fever, biliary, babesiosis, treating tick bite fever, biliary babesiosis, prevention of tick bite fever by vaccinating dogs and using good tick control and common complications seen with tick bite fever.

cats that lick their bellies

Chronic cystitis in cats

Chronic cystitis in cats is a condition in which the cat seems to get recurring bladder infections but in reality the bladder is only severely inflamed and not infected at all. Treating and controlling chronic cystitis in cats, vet help on bladder infections in cats, veterinary advice on cats peeing blood.

x ray of bladder stone in cat

Bladder stones in cats – Large Bladder Stones

Signs and symptoms of bladder stones in cats. Large bladder stones can sit in the bladder for years and irritate the bladder wall causing recurring infections and bloody urine.Treating large bladder stones, diagnosing bladder stones, special diets for bladder stones in cats