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Balancing Your Cat’s Diet

caring for elderly cats
Feeding and caring for an elderly cats

She’s given you years of love, cuddles and brought you the occasional mouse. Your cat enriches your life in so many ways, and as she grows older it is important to take care of her changing needs so you can have as many happy years together as possible.
Cats become middle-aged at around 8-years-old and become seniors around 10 years. Just like us there are a number of ways in which they age quite normally. Your cat will begin to slow down as she gets older and her hearing can reduce – although you might not be able to tell if she often plays at ignoring you. By 12-years-old it is a good idea to keep your cat indoors to keep her safe. It is important to make and keep regular appointments with your vet so if any of the normal parts of aging becomes a problem you know right away and can have it treated.
An important part of getting the best out of your cat’s later years is a solid, healthy diet. They need quality protein in a food designed for their changing digestion. It should be a quality to protein so they can get the most nutrition out of it. At you can find a variety of foods and supplements for elderly cats, including special ones for cats with specific healthy issues.

old cat food
Food for elderly indoor cats caters for their specific needs

Just like us, cats are prone to joint problems as they age and can even get arthritis. After years of running and pouncing you may find that your cat moves around a lot less and doesn’t have the animated spirit she once did. A food like Royal Canin Diets Indoor Mature gives your cat all the nutrition she needs while caring for her joints too. If she worsens, or if directed by your vet, there are many dietary supplements which can help improve the quality of her joints, or can be given as a preventative measure.

As your cat grows older she may develop kidney problems, specifically CKD: Chronic Kidney Disease. Diagnosed when it is advanced, it means that the kidney function is already two-thirds lost. If your cat is diagnosed with CKD there are many foods available that are specifically suited for the condition, to maintain kidney function and keep the condition from worsening. Purina Veterinary Diet NF is just one of many that have been formulated with the CKD cat in mind.

As your cat ages she will change, but her love for you won’t. Give her the best years of her life through a balanced diet and you’ll get even more time with her.

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