Cat won’t use litter box


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Dear Your Own Vet,

Ever since my male cat was neutered a few months back he has been urinating and pooping in our sinks, sometimes in our bathtubs. Seldom in the litter box which is cleaned frequently. He doesn’t meow like he is in any pain. The kitten is about 10 months old. I would prefer not to give him up. Any suggestions?



cat poos outside litter tray
Cat refuses to use litter
Hi John,
It is always very frustrating when a cat will not use the litter box.
The very FIRST thing that you have to do is have this cat checked out by a vet. You state that this behaviour started after he had been neutered. There could be something medically wrong with him and this needs to be checked.
If he is fine, then probably when he was still sore after the operation, he might have used the litter box and experienced pain and he now associates the box with hurting him.
Also many cats don’t like the feel of some kinds of cat litter. I would suggest that you try different brands. It would be especially good to try an ultra fine sand which will be soft to touch.
using a fine litter to entice your cat into the box
Changing the type of cat litter sometimes helps
There might also be another cat that is upsetting him. If you have other cats in the house, then the rule is one litter box per cat, plus once extra.
A calming collar or a calming spray can also help.
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