Kitten Hates Older Cat


Dear Your Own Vet

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kitten scared of the older cat

Kitten hates older cat

I have a 9 month old female kitten and my daughter recently moved back home with her 3 year old male cat. The kitten was given to me by friends who found her outside. She has always been ‘high-strung’, and rather aloof. My daughter’s cat is just the opposite; very affectionate, almost blase. The tow have been together four days now and she is always growling at him and us, taken to hiding and not coming out to eat. we bring her food to her so that she will eat, and so he won’t eat his and her food. The situation is temporary until my daughter finds her own place. Is this growling ever going to get better? Should we be doing something to help? There have been no fights, just a lot of noise, and neither her tail nor her fur is raised as she makes herself known. Is she just posturing or is there a real problem here? I appreciate your help and advice.






kittten fears older cat

Kitten afraid of older cat

Dear Lisa,

Thank you for contacting us about your problem with the two cats.
The kitten is very insecure with the other cat being around and if possible
you must try not to interfere between the two. You have said that there has
not been any fur flying, so that is good, but the kitten just needs time to
realise that the other cat is not going to harm it.
I would suggest that you get some Feliway spray from your vet and spray this
around the room. This is a “happy” pheromone which should help the kitten
feel more relaxed. There is also a calming collar available that does the
same thing.
If you can take a damp chamois leather cloth and rub it over the other cat,
and then rub it over the kitten. This way you will be putting the scent of
the other cat onto the kitten who will then lick it off. This sometimes




Kathy Clayton


Chairman of the Animal Behaviour Consultants of SA
Accredited Companion Animal Behaviourist &Professional Dog Trainer

011 783 3042   082 454 1750


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