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Behavior – Noise Phobias

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Health Focus – Liver Disease

online vet free, liver disease in animals, diagnosis liver disease dogs and cats, treatment liver disease and cancer dogs and cats, signs of liver disease animals

Animal Behavior – messing inside house

How to stop your older dog urinating and defecting (peeing and pooing) in the house, causes of, how to clean up urine and feces to remove odor. Animal behaviorist online, veterinarian online

Animal behavior – Spraying cats

Urine Spraying Dear Your Own Vet Is it ‘normal’ for a female cat to spray? from Elzhet, Sandringham, South Africa Dear Elzhet, …

The Dachshund

Breed of the month – The Dachshund. Its origins, behavior, diseases, spinal problems, weight problems, training, house training.

About the Authors

Dr Claire Demmer is a private veterinarian, currently working in Johannesburg, South Africa. She has completed a BVSc (Honours) degree in small animal medicine and laboratory diagnostics and has over ten years experience working in both the United Kingdom and South Africa. Kathy Clayton is an accredited animal behaviorist and dog trainer and has over twenty years experience in the field.