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Dear Your Own Vet,

I am a resident who lives in Sandton in Johannesburg, South Africa, opposite the Innesfree Park, which is to become one of the Fan Park’s for the World Cup.
I have a beloved Jack Russel who is terrified of the sound that comes from blowing a Vuvuzela.(A Vuvuzela is a plastic trumpet-like device blown by local fans at soccer games) I established this when my “considerate” neighbur’s child, took to blasting away on a Sunday afternoon. He runs into the undergrowth if in the garden and shivers and pants for some time.
I am worried about how he is going to handle the nightmare of the Fan Park and the predictable bellow of the ghastly Vuvuzela. I have thought about using the “Good behavior calming collar” and perhaps the product “Eco-Fear”? Do you have any suggestions for me?

I love your site!

Best regards,


A soccer fan blowing a vuvuzela

All sorts of noises can be terrifying for dogs

Hi Hilary,
Thanks for contacting me about your little Jack Russell and his sound sensitivity. This is going to be a very traumatic time for him indeed. You can certainly try the calming collar and Eco Fear. There is also a product on the market called Mello Mutts which I have been recommending as it is certainly doing the job. I give it to my one Border Collie during thunder storms and she is certainly much calmer.

CD of noises for dogs for noise phobias

Fireworks are another common noise phobia. This CD played daily very softly to your dog will help overcome his fear

I would also suggest that you try desensitizing him as soon as possible to the noise. Make a recording of the sound and take your dog into a room. In another room play the recording softly. Have the dog on a lead and totally ignore him when he stresses (if you comfort him or give attention then he learns that his behaviour gets attention.) As soon as he is calm then give him a very nice treat and praise. Keep doing this until he can be calm with the noise in the other room. Then do the same with the noise in the room. He needs to learn that when he is calm he will be rewarded and not when he is in a terrified state.
During the time leave him in a room with the radio on high give a nice chewy and once again don’t give attention when he is terrified.

diffuser to help dogs with stress

Natural products like DAP can help calm your pet with noise phobias

Good luck!!


Kathy Clayton

Accredited Companion Animal Behaviorist &Professional Dog Trainer
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