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Diseases of dog breeds

Diseases of Dog Breeds

Thinking of getting a puppy or kitten? We thought we would compile a list of the most common problems seen in everyday practice with specific breeds so you can do your research properly. If your breed isn’t here, don’t despair as this list will grow over time. Anyone wishing to add to the list please feel free to e mail us at

Cancer – Skin Cancer – Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Skin cancer in pets, dogs cat animals, squamous cell carcinoma, SCC. treating skin cancer, diagnosis skin cancer, surgery, radiation, chemotherapy skin cancer squamous cell carcinoma pets, what does skin cancer pets dogs cats animals look like? Which animals get skin cancer? Online vet free, veta dvice online, skype vet online animal behaviorist online, vet tech online

Question and Answer – Diabetes

Diabetes in animals, dogs cats pets, diagnosis diabetes, symptoms diabetes, treatment diabetes, insulin overdose, how to give insulin injections, types of insulin, types of diabetes, complicated diabetes, uncomplicated diabetes, kidney disease with diabetes, liver disease with diabetes, cushing’s disease with diabetes, animals at risk for diabetes, food diabetes, diet diabetes, online vet free, ask a vet free, ask an animal behaviorist free, vet consult skype chat cheap.

Distemper in Dogs

Distemper virus in dogs. Symptoms of distemper, incubation period of distemper, treatment treating distemper, diagnosis diagnosing distemper dog canine pet animal, prevention distemper dog animal pet canine, killing distemper virus, what does distemper do to my dog? Online vet free question and answer, ask a vet, skype vet chat cheap.

Red colored worm in esophagus - spirocerca lupi

Worms in dogs and cats

All about worms in dogs and cats, from the most dangerous to the least dangerous including risks to people and families that own pets. Skype vet chat, online vet free, ask a vet, question and answer

Question and Answer – Eye problems

Eye problems in animals dog cat pet, glaucoma, pannus, cherry eye, ulcer, cataracts, cancer eye, conjunctivitis, distichiasis, uveitis, entropion, proptosis, eyeball out, dry eye, KCS, online vet free, skype vet chat, question and answer, ask a vet

Q+A – Clomipramine or Clomicalm for urine spraying

online vet free, clomicalm clomipramine treating feline urine spraying, aggression, obsessive compulsive overgrooming, psychogenic alopecia, use of clomicalm, how long to use clomipramine for, behavior therapy and clomicalm clomipramine

Q + A – Choosing a puppy

How to choose a healthy puppy, by ensuring ii is properly vaccinated, wormed, dewormed, flea and tick free, appears lively and confident, has had good nutrition, and comes from a good breeder

Question and Answer – Diarrhoea

Diarrhea or diarrhoea in dogs, causes of, diagnosis of, stool tests, parasites, treatment of diarrhea, online vet free, cancer and diarrhea, kidney failure and diarrhea, hemorrhagic gastroenteritis

Question and Answer – Rabies – a scary issue

Rabies, diagnosis of, transmission of, rabies vaccines animals and people, international movement of animals and rabies vaccines, animals that carry rabies, signs of rabies, online vet free