Behavior – Cats urinating on clothes

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Dear Your Own Vet’s Behaviorist,

Cat urinates laundry

How to stop cats urinating on your clothes

I have 2 female tabbies. They are around 1 years old. When I got a dog (a Yorkie) my cats started peeing on the clothes instead of the litter box. We talked to our vet and she said it could be them not wanting to pee in the same litter box. So we got 2 closed in litter boxes. Our dog died and we got a bird (an amazon). They still pee on the clothes. How can I stop them from peeing on the clothes???


Hi Meaghin,
Thanks for contacting me about your problem with your cats.
Many times cats can get upset when things change in their lives – firstly the Yorkie and then the bird.
When cats get stressed they show their displeasure by urinating in different places.
You should also check what kind of cat litter you are using. Sometimes cats don’t like the feel of the cat litter under their feet.
I found that my cat only liked an extremely soft kind of litter and wouldn’t use the box if there was a different kind in it.  This was ultra soft litter and not the hard granule kind that is most often sold.

Getting cats to use litter

How to get your cats to use litter again

A general rule of thumb should be one litter box per cat and one extra in a household. It is also imperative that they are cleaned regularly as cats are very fussing about dirty litter boxes.
Try putting a bowl of cat food on the clothes as cats will not soil where they eat.
They will also teach you to be very clean by keeping your clothes away where they can’t get to them – closing cupboard doors etc.

Kathy Clayton

Your Own Vet’s Animal Behaviorist
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