Animal Behavior – Keeping a border collie in a small area

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Should a person who has a small garden get a Border Collie as a pet, if they plan to run twice a day with him?

Small garden border collie exercise
Border Collies are active dogs which need lots of exercise

Border Collies are very active dogs and need their minds to be stimulated. I have owned the breed for over 30 years. Currently I own two and work them – obedience, agility and dog dancing. It doesn’t matter what size the garden, it is the amount of stimulation that the owner gives the dog that counts. Running twice a day would be great, but they also need their mind stiumulated. Borders can do anything that they put their mind to but LOVE working. Agility is great and dog dancing great fun. I know of several Borders that live in a small property, but their owners work them and they are fine – no obsessive compulsive disorders or destroyed gardens!

Kathy Clayton

Animal Behaviorist

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