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Animal Behavior – theft

How to stop your cats and dogs stealing food, theft food pets, animals, online vet free, animal behavior, animal behaviorist online, vet online, question and answer, q+a

Question and Answer – Rabies – a scary issue

Rabies, diagnosis of, transmission of, rabies vaccines animals and people, international movement of animals and rabies vaccines, animals that carry rabies, signs of rabies, online vet free

Thickening heart walls with hypertrophic hearts

Health Focus – Heart Disease in Animals

Heart disease in animals, what is heart disease, how heart disease makes your dog sick, treatment of heart disease, other disease causing heart disease, diagnosis of heart disease

The Hot Issue – Sterilizing your pets

Sterilization of dogs and cats pros and cons, the facts, online vet animal behavior question and answer ask a vet, breast cancer dogs and cats, Pyometra or infected womb dogs and cats, urinary incontinence, weight gain post spay, behavior changes post sterilization.

Question and Answer – Cancer in pets

Cancer in the spleen of German Shepherd dogs, chemotherapy in animals pros and cons, malignant and benign cancer, how cancer kills, diagnosis of cancer in dogs, free online vet, animal behaviorist, animal health , vet question and answer

Animal Behavior – messing inside house

How to stop your older dog urinating and defecting (peeing and pooing) in the house, causes of, how to clean up urine and feces to remove odor. Animal behaviorist online, veterinarian online

First Aid for Pets

First aid skin wounds, serious injuries, how to treat, bleeding, chest injuries, simple skin wounds, online vet

Animal behavior – Spraying cats

Urine Spraying Dear Your Own Vet Is it ‘normal’ for a female cat to spray? from Elzhet, Sandringham, South Africa Dear Elzhet, …

Feline Aids

Feline AIDS is caused by the Feline immunodeficiency virus, should I get another cat, what is FIV, how is it transmitted, how can I prevent and treat it.