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Dog dominates children

Animal bahevior – when your dog thinks he or she is dominant over your kids children and what to do to fix it. Also normal unruly teenager dog behavior, chewing etc, how to curb this behavior. Animal behavior online, animal behaviorist online, vet online free, skype consult animal behavior and veterinary cheap

Breed of the Month – The Great Dane

The Great Dane – the breed history, health problems of the Great Dane, cancer of the Great dane, stomach torsion (GDV) of the Great Dane, behavior and temperament of the Great Dane

Behavior – fear and aggression to strange people, animals and the vet

What causes fear and aggression towards strangers, other animals and at the vet in one year old adopted dog. How to deal with fear and aggression in dogs. Online vet free question and answer, animal behavior online, animal behaviorist online, skype vet consults vet chat behavior consults behaviorist animal chat.

Question and Answer – Diabetes

Diabetes in animals, dogs cats pets, diagnosis diabetes, symptoms diabetes, treatment diabetes, insulin overdose, how to give insulin injections, types of insulin, types of diabetes, complicated diabetes, uncomplicated diabetes, kidney disease with diabetes, liver disease with diabetes, cushing’s disease with diabetes, animals at risk for diabetes, food diabetes, diet diabetes, online vet free, ask a vet free, ask an animal behaviorist free, vet consult skype chat cheap.

Behavior – Cat messing in bath and sink

Animal behavior, cat behavior, cat messes defecates in bath, sink and basin, how to stop cat using bath basin sink as toilet, why does cat poo in bath sink basin?, Animal behavior online, animal behaviorist online, online vet free, skype vet chat consult cheap

Distemper in Dogs

Distemper virus in dogs. Symptoms of distemper, incubation period of distemper, treatment treating distemper, diagnosis diagnosing distemper dog canine pet animal, prevention distemper dog animal pet canine, killing distemper virus, what does distemper do to my dog? Online vet free question and answer, ask a vet, skype vet chat cheap.

Breed of the Month – The Exotic

The Exotic shorthair cat, all about it, it’s history, health problems, behavior, price and care of an exotic cat. online vet free, skype vet chat, ask a vet online, consult vet online

Red colored worm in esophagus - spirocerca lupi

Worms in dogs and cats

All about worms in dogs and cats, from the most dangerous to the least dangerous including risks to people and families that own pets. Skype vet chat, online vet free, ask a vet, question and answer

Question and Answer – Eye problems

Eye problems in animals dog cat pet, glaucoma, pannus, cherry eye, ulcer, cataracts, cancer eye, conjunctivitis, distichiasis, uveitis, entropion, proptosis, eyeball out, dry eye, KCS, online vet free, skype vet chat, question and answer, ask a vet

Behavior – Cat upset about new dog

How to introduce a dog to a cat that wants to attack it, animal behavior online, animal behaviorist online, your own vet, skype consult, skype chat vet, ask a vet free, free vet online

Health Focus – Parvo virus in dogs and cats

Parvo virus, online vet free, skype consults, vet chat skype. What is Parvo virus, how it is passed on or transmitted, why pups that have had vaccines can still get sick, feline parvo panleukopenia, treating parvo virus, glutamine parvo virus, feeding parvovirus, antibiotics parvovirus, electrolytes parvovirus, killing parvovirus, disinfecting after animal has had parvovirus, how long an animal takes to get sick after being exposed to parvovirus.

Behavior – new dog not fitting in with other pets

Animal behavior online, animal behaviorist online, when a new dog just doesn’t fit in with the existing pets, what do you do? How to help new pet dominant behavior, how to help new pet hyperactive, how to stop new dog nipping and pecking other cat dog